Case Study

Brownfield substation upgrade project

Client challenge:

Our client is a leading sustainable energy company with $38 billion in assets and operations in 24 U.S. states. The temporary distribution construction project was developed to temporarily energize a distribution circuit until the completion of a larger brownfield substation upgrade project.

How we helped:

This project is comprised of:

  • One (1) 12kV Recloser
  • One (1) 600A Bus Side Disconnect Switch
  • One (1) 600A By-Pass Disconnect Switch

The project included temporary construction to do a build around with the intent not to impact existing electrical systems and enable successful construction phases to commence. This solution included utilizing existing mobile disconnect switches on the high voltage and medium voltage systems with the ultimate goal to keep all customer load served during construction and energization. The project included a temporary recloser, disconnects, conduit, communications cables, and control cables to the control house.

Our team was responsible for all substation electrical, protection and control and relay settings temporarily. These included conceptual design, detailed design, equipment specifications, relay settings, RTU programming, SCADA Map and construction support.

Powerful results:

The project was complete with no notable issues and our client was thrilled with the performance from the SGC Engineering team. All work was completed on time and on budget without putting additional burden on the client or client resources. The project was a direct award and not competitively bid; therefore, the work was appropriately estimated while demonstrating SGC’s valuable sales ability.