Case Study

Non-Transmission Alternative – Cap Bank Upgrades

Client challenge:

Our client is a leading sustainable energy company with $38 billion in assets and operations in 24 U.S. states. They operate two primary lines of business: networks and renewables. In an effort to improve reliability, our client needed to execute a Non-Transmission Alternative (NTA) solution to provide reliability to their local 34kV system connected radially between two remote substations. This NTA solution was done to eliminate the need to rebuild a transmission line and will address maintenance outage violations. Additionally, the client needed to expand the existing 34kV substation to accommodate the addition of a second capacitor bank.

How we helped:

Our team was commissioned to complete the expansion of the substation yard which included, complete relay and automation upgrade, yard expansion and a new yard access. The yard had to be expanded to allow space for the capacitor bank, while also allowing for access from the local roadway.

The team completed the following:

  • upgraded the existing station and equipment up to our client’s latest standards
  • added motor operators to existing disconnect switches
  • replaced hook stick disconnects with gang operated switches
  • installed circuit switchers and free standing CTs for two transformers
  • implemented the latest protection and control schemes and installed a new SCADA and HMI platform.

The new protection and control systems were in accordance with IEC-61850 standards and the integration platform included a touch screen HMI and fiber optic OT network configuration.

Our team was responsible for all civil, substation electrical, protection and control and relay settings design. This included conceptual design, Geotech, studies, equipment specifications, outage sequencing, coordination studies, construction and commissioning support. Additionally, we performed all field construction management services.


The NTA solution was successfully completed and provided reliability for the local distribution systems serving the community.

34.5/12.47kV Substation

34.5kV bay structure, Capacitor Bank, and IPO Circuit Breaker

Transformer high side Circuit Switcher