Interconnection & System Studies

Adding to the grid? We support independent system operators (ISOs), regional transmission organizations (RTOs), utilities and independent power producers to model, calculate and analyze the impact.

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ISO/RTO services

We team up with ISOs and RTOs to:

  • develop effective applications,
  • based on an in-depth knowledge of internal processes
  • populate applications with relevant data
  • scope out studies is this in the right order; would this come earlier?
  • develop and interpret reports.

Utility services

Our support is grounded in understanding the following key elements.

Electric utility needs, regulatory expectations and utility customer requirements
Decades of collaborative experience means we’re able to approach each project with the knowledge of what utilities require.

Developer needs, drivers and expectations
Consideration of utility and non-utility factors, help deliver cost-effective projects including common issues and optimization of schedules.

Electric utility designs
We design utility grade interfaces that fulfil developer needs while meeting the interconnection requirements of the utility.

Coordination services

Having worked alongside developers, utilities, ISOs/RTOs, vendors and other organisations, we’re able to collaborate with all parties involved to help each representative navigate the interconnection process to successfully bring assets online.

Planning services for developers

Our support covers:

  • analysis of interconnection options against budget, including land rights, environmental issues, design impacts and stakeholder interests
  • feasibility analysis studies
  • review and interpretation of interconnection study and system impact study results for developers
  • representation of the owner’s interest in relevant studies, including interpretation and clarification of report results
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