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Bring your vision and your project’s technical, financial and political challenges to our experts.


How We Help

Our electrical, civil, structural and substation engineers assist organizations in planning, designing and implementing their power projects across North America. Whatever the scope, scale or stage, our clients benefit from comprehensive, integrated solutions that support the complexity and economics of their plans.

We assist utilities and power producers in bringing new infrastructure on line and routinely work from concept onwards. Alongside your team, we add expertise on the interrelationship between survey, engineering, construction and permitting, and an understanding of the impact on local communities and regional development.


Who We Help

Electric utilities, renewable producers, municipalities and commercial and industrial customers in all markets.

Service Benefits

Robust, cost-effective solutions

Reduced delays, especially in a project’s early phases

Faster approval process by addressing wider stakeholder matters

Ongoing supervision and quality assurance to meet your design specifications, schedule and budget

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