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We provided engineering design and support for all aspects of substation engineering. SGC offers experience and expertise to meet the needs of clients in the utility, generation, and industrial sectors.

​As the demand for energy increases, the complexity of the associated power grid increases as well. SGC Engineering provides engineering design and support for all aspects of electrical power system protection and control engineering. 

We pride ourselves on excellence and expertise. We go above and beyond our client’s expectations, providing them with protection and control systems they can rely on. We are familiar with the latest industry standards and are dedicated to providing excellent service while meeting clients schedule and budget. SGC ensures that all its members are up to date on the latest standards from NERC, FERC, IEEE, IEC, ISO, and more.

SGC is well versed in system protection and control applications for electrical systems such as transmissions and distribution lines, inverters, generators, transformers, instrument transformers, GIS/AIS switchgear, reactors, capacitors, STATCOMS, synchronous condensers, breakers, protection
and control cabinets, and PLCs.

In any field, industry experience is essential in completing a project on time and under budget. Our engineers excel with installations including but not limited to substations, transmissions systems, wind turbines, photovoltaics, hydro power, battery storage, energy distribution, substations, power generation, and unique projects in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Design & Analysis Services

  • One-line & single diagram design

  • Schematic and elementary design

  • Wiring and interconnection design

  • Relay settings studies and design

  • Revenue metering 

  • Communications systems design

  • IEC-61850 peer-to-peer design

  • Short circuit, power flow and harmonic analysis

  • Event analysis, troubleshooting and corrective action support

  • RTU, HMI, PLC, and integration design

  • NPCC BPS compliant design

  • Compliance analysis

Planning & Support Services

  • Secondary and low-voltage equipment specifications

  • Producing operational descriptions and switching orders

  • Planning outage and construction sequencing

  • Supporting with testing, commissioning and project management

  • Providing staff augmentation and owner’s engineering services

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